James Gilpin biography

James is a designer, tutor and maker with +10 years of experience. He has spent time as a Creative Director and Interactive Designer.

James has a broad range of experience delivering projects across mediums and project types. Teaching is an integral part of his general practice. He started by teaching Arduino and Physical computing for Massimo Banzi (tinker.it) 15 years ago. Since then, I have taught various workshops in Westminster, St-Martins, The Bartlet – UCL, and worked for a short time as an Associate Lecturer for IDA at LCC. 

James graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2010 having developed a practice in speculative design. Gilpin Family Whisky was a result of this practice. Currently living in Catalonia, Spain. James Founded Commissioned by you in 2012, a Design studio and Fabrication Workshop, it is now owned and run by Sam Kennedy and Aiko Kubo. James moved to Catalunya with his wife in 2016 and founded design studio madebyus.cat. Alongside making he has maintained an interest in research as an associate tutor at design schools in London and Barcelona.

For the last four years, James has been teaching part-time in two universities in Barcelona. Allowing him to foster exchanges with staff and students from across Spain and Italy developing pedagogical material for undergraduate programs across product, graphic, and interior design programs.